RUNDLL Error at Startup

RUNDLL Error at Startup

You've got a busy day planned. You boot up your computer, but you're stuck!
If you're seeing that RUNDLL error message at startup, it's time to stop being annoyed and start getting rid of the problem. You don't need to suffer through seeing that same message over and over again: "The specified module could not be found." Reimage can fix those aggravating RUNDLL errors.
But let's begin by discussing how that RUNDLL error occurred in the first place. The likely culprit is a missing file or an error in the registry. What is the registry, you might ask?

What is the Registry?

Many computer operations are recorded and stored in the registry. The registry keeps track of computer hardware and software settings, user information, and preferences. Each time you make a change to your computer, for instance installing software, modifying a WORD document or revising the settings in your control panel; the new changes are noted and stored by your computer registry. The information in your computer registry must be accessed each time certain computer operations are carried out.
But with time and use, the registry tends to accumulate a lot of useless information, and sometimes errors. For instance, if you cancel the installation of a program, the records from this incomplete operation may remain in the registry. Your registry saves records from application errors and from configuration conflicts. Even after you uninstall a program, the registry may still retain its traces.
All this useless information remains in your registry which becomes bloated over time, and may also contain references to programs or components that no longer exist on the system.
As a result, your computer system may slow down, and system errors such as RUNDLL error at startup may appear. The only way to fix the problem is to clean out those unnecessary bits of information stored in your registry.

What is a RUNDLL Error?

But you may still be wondering: what's a RUNDLL error? And why are you getting these DLL errors at startup ?
DLLs are files you need to run your WinOS operating system. Many of the programs you run on your computer share DLL files. By reusing the same files for a number of programs, your system saves time and memory and works with greater efficiency. But when DLL files are lost or corrupted, your computer can't run applications that need the file to operate. Hence, you get that exasperating RUNDLL error.
Most computer users are confronted by these errors at some point. In fact, more than 90% of all personal computers experience such errors. There are a number of reasons for RUNDLL errors:

  • Malware may hijack files that share the same RUNDLL DLL file.
  • The error may be caused by an invalid entry in your system registry from incomplete program removal or software you no longer use.

How does it fix all this?

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