Wer.dll is an Important Part of Your OS - Don't Remove it, Even if You Disable WinOS Error Reporting

Fix Wer.dll Error

Overview - What is wer.dll?

Fix Wer.dll Error

Wer.dll is created by the Microsoft Corporation and is a standard DLL file found on most WinOS installations. This DLL file stands for WinOS Error Reporting, and is used most commonly, unsurprisingly, by the built in WinOS Error Reporting system.

This is the process where after a system stops responding (crashes), WER will collect information by using a memory dump. You will see messages from WinOS Error Reporting after a program has closed unexpectedly, or become unresponsive. The idea behind the WinOS error reporting service is that when a program becomes unresponsive, data is sent to Microsoft's servers for analysis. The data is then analysed and if a solution can be found the computer user will be notified on the correct course of action to rectify it. It's fair to say that many times when WinOS error reporting is evoked, a suitable repair cannot be found, thus the usefulness of WinOS error reporting is often disputed.

It is possible to switch off WinOS error reporting entirely, but even if this is done it's not advised by Microsoft to delete the wer.dll file. This is because the file is referenced by other services, although it's unclear why. However, the wer.dll file does not use any system resources when WinOS error reporting isn't active, so there is no real reason to remove it.

Solutions - What to Do if There's an issue With wer.dll

If your wer.dll file is missing and causing issues on your computer, it's probably because a registry key or programs is calling the DLL. This can be remedied by either:

  1. Repairing your registry
  2. Replacing the wer.dll file

WinOS error reporting first appeared on Microsoft operating systems with WinOS XP. When it first appeared, there was much concern that these error reports could send personal information to Microsoft, despite Microsoft's assurances that this was not the case. In theory, if personal information was being held in memory at the time of a system or program crash, then that information could be transmitted to Microsoft's servers for analysis. However, it's unclear what possible gain this would be, and the likelihood is that this information would be deleted in a very short time frame. WinOS error reporting is also included in WinOS Vista and WinOS 7. It has been much improved since its initial appearance on XP, and is now mostly automatic. Not only does it now collect error information, but it can also suggest remedies and conduct automatic repairs.

There has been reports in the past that wer.dll could contact a virus or malware, or could be maliciously infected by third party software. These reports however remain undetermined, and wer.dll does not show up on virus scans by any of the leading antivirus software. It's generally accepted that WinOS error reporting is a useful addition to WinOS operating systems, especially for new and novice users. As it doesn't use system resources, it need not be disabled to provide performance enhancements.

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