Fix RUNDLL Error

Fix RUNDLL Error

What is RUNDLL error?

Before we explain how to fix a RUNDLL error, we have to first understand what a RUNDLL error is.
All WinOS operating systems rely on files called DLLs. DLL stands for "dynamic link libraries." DLL files are like libraries that come packed with all sorts of information such as data and code in binary form. Your computer programs need this information to function, as they should.
DLL files serve as databanks your programs can access. These files are shared by several programs. Since the programs that use these DLL files are sharing the same instructions and code, the potential for conflicts between these programs is lessened. This makes your computer system more efficient.

What Happens When DLL Files Go Missing?

But what happens when a DLL file goes missing or becomes damaged? Some or even all of the programs that depend on that particular DLL file may malfunction or refuse to run. If WinOS cannot find the correct DLL file or tries to load a nonexistent DLL file as it attempts to execute a program, the execution command will be answered with confusion as expressed by the RUNDLL error.
Each DLL comes with a list of instructions that WinOS must follow in order to launch associated programs or applications.When a DLL file goes missing or becomes damaged, some instructions may be lost or faulty. This can cause an error in the system and may even lead to a system crash.
Common causes of RUNDLL errors are conflicting or missing DLL files. But RUNDLL errors are also caused by viruses, spyware and other types of malware. These unwanted programs can take over a file that is shared by several applications. Some viruses may alter the structure of DLL files, changing the code they contain. Other viruses may block access to a DLL file so that any application that depends on the file becomes useless. A sophisticated virus can even replace a system DLL with what resembles a valid copy of the original DLL file to system folders. These false DLL files may further corrupt your computer's DLL library.

How to Resolve a RUNDLL Error

But you're still wondering: what's a RUNDLL error? DLLs are files you need to run your WinOS operating system. The first step in resolving a RUNDLL error is to scan your computer for viruses and spyware. By removing malware, you remove the root cause of the problem. But even after viruses and malware are removed, the damage remains. In order to fix the damage, your computer's registry must be repaired.
Repairing a registry is not for the faint of heart. Take a wrong step and irreparable damage may be caused to your computer system. On the other hand, waiting for a computer technician can mean lost computer time and productivity. And time is money.
An excellent solution is Reimage. Reimage has a large repository of DLLs and other WinOS files. After Reimage scans your system online and assess the state of your registry, any missing or damaged DLLs are replaced with new clean copies. Once your registry is repaired, your favorite programs and files will be accessible again.
Keep using Reimage to scan your computer on a regular basis, and you'll find that you can fix a RUNDLL error in seconds.

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