How to Solve Issues With Osetup.dll

Fix Osetup.dll Error

Overview - What is Osetup.dll?

Fix Osetup.dll Error

Osetup.dll is a file that is needed by Microsoft Office to install correctly. It is a DLL file (Dynamic Link Library) that is also used once Office is installed to control plugins and other add-ons that Office uses.

Microsoft Office 2007 uses a lot of DLL files when it's installing and during normal operation. Some are only used rarely, but files such as Osetup.dll are more integral to the Office suite of programs. You may find that Office doesn't run correctly if Osetup.dll is missing or is damaged in some way. You may also find that Office refuses to start. In rare occasions, when Office components are active in other Microsoft programs, you may see error messages even when Office isn't running.

Common Errors Seen With Osetup.dll Issues

You will most likely see DLL errors relating to osetup.dll if the file is missing or corrupt. Examples of error messages are:

  • Osetup.dll not found
  • Cannot find Osetup.dll
  • The file Osetup.dll is missing
  • This application failed to start because osetup.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this issue
  • A required component is missing: osetup.dll. Please install [application] again

These error messages usually occur when there is an issue with the installation of Microsoft office. Certain viruses have also been known to interfere with this file, and the file can sometimes become corrupt on its own. If the file becomes unstable, it may not register on your system, hence the "file not found" messages.

Solutions - How to Solve Osetup.dll Issues

If you receive a Osetup.dll not found error when trying to install Microsoft Office, or when inserting a Microsoft Office CD in your computer, it may be because the autorun function is not working correctly. In this instance the solution is to manually install Office by browsing to your CD and double-clicking "setup.exe".

If you see error messages at other times, it may be because Osetup.dll is missing or corrupt. To solve the issue, you should try one of the following methods:

  • If the message appears when opening a particular program, try un-installing the software and re-installing. It's likely that the file Osetup.dll will be restored during the reinstallation process.

  • The file is highly connected with Microsoft Office, so you could try un-installing and re-installing Microsoft Office. You may have to reboot your computer after the initial un-installation, as this will clear out registry settings pertaining to Microsoft Office.

  • Try running a WinOS stability scan, such as WinOS stability scanner. This will search for registry settings and files which are damaged or corrupt and repair them automatically.

  • Check to make sure your computer hasn't been infected by a virus, malware or other malicious software. It's advised that you update your virus scanning and malware scanning software and run a full scan.

  • If the issue has started recently, try restoring your computer's settings to an earlier configuration using WinOS Restore.

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