Fix Kernel32

Fix Kernel32

DLL errors are a common occurrence for those who use WinOS operating systems. There are numerous types of DLL errors, but one of the most familiar is the Kernel32.dll error. When this type of error occurs, your screen will display a message that says, "Explorer caused an invalid page fault in module Kernel32.dll."

What is a Kernel32.dll Error?

Kernel32 is one of many files known as DLL files. DLL stands for "dynamic linked library." The Kernel32.dll file allocates system memory. If you try to run software or open files that need to access memory that has already been allocated for use by your computer system, the Kernel32.dll error will occur.
Most often, the software attempting to access already-allocated memory is some form of malware or spyware. Viruses may work their malicious deeds by hooking into your system files or your registry. Once there, these viruses use DLL files to dig even deeper into the hard drive of your computer. The worst of the bunch of these viruses will attempt to access memory already allocated to system function just to topple your system and make it crash.

How Can You Prevent Kernel32.dll Errors?

The best way to prevent Kernel32.dll errors is to scan your computer on a regular basis for viruses and other malware. Keep your anti-virus definitions up to date. Prevention is your first line of protection.
Regular computer maintenance is also important to optimize the allocation of your system resources. Such maintenance includes cleaning out temporary internet and WinOS files, cookies, cache, and your browser history from time to time. How often you do this depends in part upon your usage of the World Wide Web. If you surf the Web often, you may need to clean out these files once a day. If you surf the Web on an infrequent basis, you may not need to tidy up your files more than once a week.
Another important part of system maintenance is defragmentation. As your system draws on files to run various programs, the files end up in various locations within your system. Your computer must strain a bit to find the necessary files as they become more and more dispersed. Defragmenting your system helps line up the files in their optimal positions to make them easier for your system to access.
Of course, getting rid of that Kernel32.dll error is a different story. You'll need to repair your WinOS registry. This can be a tricky task for the less computer literate. You may even end up exacerbating the problem.It may not be wise for a layman to attempt to repair a computer registry since fixing registry issues can be quite difficult even for the experienced technician.
Does all this seem a bit too daunting? Just too much work? Let Reimage do the work for you. Reimage can scan your computer system online and help maintain the health and integrity of your computer registry. Reimage also optimizes your system so that Kernel32.dll errors become a thing of the past.

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