What to Do if You Get "Faultrep.dll not found" Errors

Fix Faultrep.dll Error

Overview - What is faultrep.dll?

Faultrep.dll is a DLL module that is part of the Microsoft WinOS system files of WinOS XP and WinOS Vista. The module is part of the WinOS fault reporting system, which captures information about the system when it crashed.

WinOS fault reporting is effectively part of the same process as WinOS error reporting. This is the system that reports issues with unresponsive programs to Microsoft, which then analyses the error reports and suggests a course of action to remedy it.

Common Errors Seen When There's an Issue With faultrep.dll

Fix Faultrep.dll Error

Faultrep.dll is not a file you will see often, it is part of a collection of DLL files that make up the WinOS system. Usually it only manifests itself as an issue if the file becomes corrupt or is missing altogether. If there is an issue with faultrep.dll, it's common to see error messages at start-up or shutdown such as "file faultrep.dll is missing" or "faultrep.dll not found". The main cause of this file being missing or corrupt is either accidental deletion by the user, corruption of the file due to incorrect shutdown procedures, or a virus or some other malware purposely infecting the file.

Usually a missing or corrupt faultrep.dll file will not cause your computer any major issues, however whenever the WinOS fault reporting system is evoked, you may see an error message instead of the usual error reporting screen. You will not have access to the error reporting system, and error reports will not be sent to Microsoft for analysis. Your system may also become unstable - hang on start-up or shutdown when the faultrep.dll file is called from the registry, although this is an uncommon side effect, and usually WinOS will skip the file if it appears damaged or missing.

Solutions - What to Do if Your faultrep.dll File is Missing, Damaged or Corrupt

In order to remedy a missing or corrupt faultrep.dll file, the file should be replaced:

  • Do not copy the file from another computer's system directory, as the file may be for a different service pack or version.
  • You can also fix this problem by running a WinOS system repair. This will reinstall any files that are missing or corrupt.
  • You may also choose to reinstall any recently deleted programs. It's been known for faultrep.dll to be deleted along with system files belonging to other programs. Reinstalling the program should reinstate the file. Incorrect procedures when uninstalling is a common reason for faultrep.dll to be deleted. Always use add and remove programs from the control panel to safely remove programs, and if common files are detected when uninstalling, it's best to not remove these files if you're unsure as to their purpose.

If you believe faultrep.dll to be corrupt due to a virus or malware program, the suggested procedure is to run an antivirus program or antimalware program first to remove the malicious software before replacing the faultrep.dll file. DLL files are a common target for viruses and malware, and can cause them to generate recurring WinOS DLL errors. Thoroughly check your system for viruses and malicious software before reinstalling any other software to avoid similar problems in the future with your DLL files.

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