D3dx9_32.dll Is Missing - Solutions That the Problem

Fix D3dx9_32.dll Error

Overview - What is d3dx9_32.dll?

Fix D3dx9_32.dll Error

D3dx9_32.dll is a DLL file (dynamic link library) that is part of a suite of DLL files made by Microsoft. Specifically, all d3dx9 DLL files are related to Direct-X, which is responsible for showing videos and graphics, most commonly for game play.

D3dx9_32.dll is one file used to with Microsoft's Direct-X. When Direct-X is installed, the file forms a part of the WinOS operating system and is used for displaying graphics and 3D animation it can also be used by Direct-X to produce audio and surround sound. The DLL file is one of many that are programmed to access display cards and audio cards. It was originally programmed for Microsoft systems including Microsoft's Xbox and Xbox 360.

Common Errors When There's an issue With d3dx9_32.dll

If you see error messages mentioning d3dx9_32.dll, it's likely the DLL file is damaged, missing, or corrupt. You may see any of the following messages:

  • D3DX9_32.DLL Not Found
  • The file d3dx9_32.dll is missing
  • Missing component d3dx9_32.dll
  • D3dx9_32.dll is not found. Reinstalling may help fix this

You will usually see these WinOS error messages when accessing an application that involves displaying 3D graphics, or using surround sound or other audio. Errors are more likely to be shown when accessing Microsoft Direct-X. If running complex games, you may find that some games crash as you first run them, and others will display messages when Direct-X is first used in the game.

In virtually all cases with messages involving d3dx9_32.dll, the issue will be related with Microsoft Direct-X. You may possibly see other error messages mentioning similar filenames, such as d3dx9_25.dll, d3dx9_24.dll, and d3dx9_28.dll. All these files are related to Direct-X.

If you see d3dx9_32.dll running in the system processes when running a 3D package or a video intensive game, do not be alarmed. The memory usage for this file is likely to be high.

Solutions - How to Correct Issues With d2dx9_32.dll

  1. If you see error messages relating to d3dx9_32.dll when using one particular game, or using a specific piece of graphics software, then uninstalling the game or graphics software followed by a reboot and a re-install of the software will most likely fix any issues with Direct-X.

  2. Downloading and updating Direct-X from Microsoft should also fix any issues. You can also try removing Direct-X completely from your computer, and then reinstalling it. It might be an idea to run software such as system stability scan before reinstalling Direct-X. This will make sure any lingering old files are removed.

  3. If the above fails, you may have incorrect drivers installed for your graphics card. Some graphics cards work closely with Direct-X and therefore the drivers could be corrupt. Download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card.

  4. If your computer was working fine, and has just started displaying these errors, then you could try using WinOS Restore to roll back any system changes to a previous date. Try to choose a date that is a couple of days before you first noticed any issues.

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