Random Computer Freezes

Random Computer freezes

Nothing is more frustrating than when your computer randomly freezes. Unlike most computer issues, random freezes offer no clues as to the cause. Think of a RUNDLL error, for instance.A RUNDLL error comes with an error message, making the issue that much easier to diagnose. But there is no such error message when your computer freezes randomly.

Frozen Computer Checklist

So, confronted with that stuck, frozen screen, and no clues whatsoever, what do you do? The answer lies in running through a checklist to see if you can narrow down the causes of the issue. Of course, a much easier solution would be to use Reimage; an online service that can repair your computer for you. Meantime, here's that checklist:

  • If your computer freezes randomly before your WinOS operating system kicks in, check the vents surrounding your PC to make sure they aren't blocked. If you feel tremendous heat near a vent, the fan in your PC, meant to keep things cool, may be malfunctioning.
  • If your computer freezes after WinOS starts, scan all your drives: external, internal, and memory sticks, for viruses and malware. Malicious software can mess up your registry and make for all kinds of system issues. Trojan horses can take over your RAM, CPU, and even your internet connection.
  • Check to make sure your hard disk isn't more than 90% full. When your hard disk fills up, WinOS finds it difficult to allocate enough virtual memory to run as it should. Clear out your temporary files and uninstall programs you no longer use to free up disk space. When your hard disk has no more than 5% free space, you can expect to have near constant freezes. At this point, WinOS will begin to delete system restore snapshots to make more room.
  • Faults in the registry can cause your computer to freeze randomly. Fixing registry errors is best left to a technician. Another option is to let Reimage fix your registry.
  • If your computer freezes when you use certain hardware items, such as a printer or scanner, check Device Manager to see if your hardware is listed with the proper identification. If necessary, reinstall your device drivers. If your computer still freezes, try removing the hardware to see if this solves the issue.
  • Check system tools to see if your computer RAM memory is labeled with the proper identification. Any type of fault in RAM,can cause it to become unidentifiable to your operating system.

Other Things to Try

If you've run through this check list and still can't discover why your computer freezes randomly, consider doing a disk defragmentation, running fewer programs at once, or avoiding websites or specific browsers that seem to always cause your computer to freeze. If you've run out of things to check, isn't it time you let Reimage fix your computer for you? Reimage takes the guesswork out of the equation and gives you back your piece of mind-and a working computer!

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